I’m New

What should I expect on Sunday Morning?
When should I arrive?
Our Worship service begins at 10:30AM. Our ushers are here to greet you at 10:00AM until the service begins. If you are a little late, that’s OK! Many of us struggle to get everyone in the car and to church on time.  Most arrive between 10:15 and 10:30AM.
How long is the Service?
Our worship services traditionally go for about 1 to 1 ½ hrs. Our Communion Services are held the first Sunday of every month. These typically last for about 1 ½ hours.
What should I wear?
Whatever you choose to wear is great. Some of us wear a suit, but most wear casual dress (cotton pants and shirt with tie). Others come very casual (jeans, shorts, polo shirt). Jesus was not concerned with what people wore and neither are we!  Be comfortable.
Will I have to sign anything, say anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

The only time you may be asked to sign anything is if you have children for the nursery or our kids program where you are leaving them to be supervised by others. We want you to know what we will be doing, when/ how you are to pick your kids up, etcetera. Signing a quick registration form ensures us that we give you all the information you need.
You are not required to say anything (except maybe Hello!) We are a friendly bunch of people and some of us might wish to personally welcome you.
You are not required to give anything. We do collect an offering about 15 minutes into the service. Our ushers will go down the aisles and pass offering plates. If you feel you would like to give back to the Lord a portion of what he has blessed you with, we graciously accept it in his name. Simply place your offering in the plate as it passes you by. You can simply drop it in, or you can place it in one of our offering envelopes located on the shelves at each seat and drop it in the plate. If you want a receipt for tax purposes, simply write your name and full address on the envelope. We will mail you a receipt at year end. Otherwise, if you do not want to give, simply pass the plate on. Nobody is looking at you.
What did you say about Communion?
The first Sunday of every month, we have a Communion Service.
After the message is given, Communion will begin. You will not need to move from your seat.  All believing Christians are invited to receive Communion.  This is the Lord’s Communion. The Deacons will pass around bread and wine (actually grape juice) if you wish to participate. The Pastor will give instructions as to when to eat and drink.
What is the Sunday Service like?
The service is structured the same way each week (with the exception of the communion service as above).
We try to offer a progressive service with a balance of music, both contemporary and traditional.
We have instruments such as a keyboard, guitars, drums,piano, and pipe organ. We begin with welcome and announcements, music, some kid time, more music, prayer, scripture readings, the message, more music and maybe more music.
What about my kids-do I bring them with me to the service or is there something else for them to do?
We do have a nursery where you can leave your infants (up to and including ages 4) beginning at 10:30AM. This is located in the lower hall. Feel free to ask one of our ushers where it is located.
We also have a kids’ Sunday program (ages 5 to grade 6) that is lots of fun. We call it THE TRAIL.  It starts at 10:25 downstairs right before the worship service! We ask that you bring your kids downstairs and then make your way back upstairs for worship. If he/she is shy give them 5 minutes downstairs and they will not be shy anymore. Warning to parents: If your child tells you how much fun they had, you are not allowed to skip the service the next week and go downstairs ☺. However, downstairs helpers are always needed!
You have many entrances, which one do I use?
We do have 4 entrances to our building. If you are new to the church, we encourage you to use the main entrance at the front on the building on East River Road. This is the double door with the wheelchair ramp. Ushers are available to assist you inside the door.
Where do I sit?
Great question! Answer is, anywhere you like! Nobody owns any seat and most of us move around all the time. Do not feel like you are taking anyone’s seat. Be comfortable.
We have a great speaker system so you should be able to hear and see us from any seat.
If I have other questions, who can I call beforehand?
Please call our church administrator at 752-6180 at one of the times indicated on our Office Hours or use the form on the contact page to send us an email by clicking here – she will be able to answer your questions or at least find the answer for you.