Children are invited to join us for our Sunday morning children’s program, called “The Trail”. Using a series of signposts as trail markers, The Trail is a visual depiction of our spiritual journey, beginning in infancy and lasting throughout a lifetime. Each section has four specific roots of truth applicable to this particular age group. These key truths are the focus of all Bible teaching and activities, to create a strong anchor of truth that will hold in the years ahead. The roots of truth of The Trail are intended to be cumulative; each person adds to their spiritual understanding as they mature.
Children are invited to The Trail starting at 10:25 downstairs right before the worship service. When they come downstairs they will be joining in singing, games, crafts, and age-appropriate small groups. 
Our theme this year is Ordinary to Extraordinary looking at how God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things and how He can use us too! 



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